Unique Creations

My creations are meticulously handcrafted with finest carving details and transformed into an unique sculpture by the ancient technique of lost wax casting.

The sculptures are sterling silver, plated with gold or rose gold and ornamented with pearls and gemstones.

Bases are cut from a single piece of lapis lazuli, jade, tiger eye or exotic wood. Semi-precious stones are formed naturally over thousands of years by fusion of different minerals. These minerals leave their markings within each piece, which define its distinctive characteristics and value.

No stone resembles another. Hence, each creation is one-of-a-kind.

Every fine piece of art is of truly exceptional quality and spectacular beauty. It will adorn its assigned place with luxury and astounding presence.

Recent Work

The Falcon Head with Hood is crafted in continually evolving finishes of precious metals, gemstone ornaments and their single cut semi-precious stone base, a feature that makes it unique as no two sculptures are ever alike.  

Each gold and silver series with its own ornaments is numbered.

Measurements 16 x 8.5 x 9.5cm, bronze 29.5 x 11 x 13cm

Some recent pieces. Other variations are available. Prices start at USD 2500.

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Gold-plated sterling silver sculpture, ornamented with a south sea pearl on a single piece of royal blue lapis lazuli, beautifully marked with golden spots called pyrite.

Sterling silver sculpture.
Skillfully crafted on a semi-precious base of picture jasper, a stone characterized by masterful ‘scenes’ and landscape patterns formed by nature.

Bronze sculpture ornamented
with onyx eyes. The decorative brass panels on the black granite base are set with green agate, a beautiful translucent semi-precious stone.


And so was born INAURAS
From Latin in auras “in the air”

I was born and raised in Switzerland where I spent my vacations at my grand parents’ mountain cottage. It was there, observing falcons in their natural habitat, where my curiosity and fascination for this majestic bird of prey developed.

Since then I have travelled the world and falcons continued to cross my path. I lived several years in Egypt, the land where the history of falcons began, and ten years in the UAE, where this magnificent bird is the country’s emblem and falconry is at the very heart of local tradition.

Now that I reside between Thailand and Bali, the island of energy, creativity and world-class craftsmanship, it became evident to me to express my passion for these charismatic birds in form of fine art. I therefore create unique sculptures in bronze, silver and gold.

Petra Krein


The journey of owning a stunning sculpture adorning your home or office could start here…

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